Swedish Surprises

I though Dusseldorf Airport was a bit of a dump, but I was in a bad mood.

The Tunnelbana: the best way to get around Stockholm.

Rene drew me! (at SPX Ladies’ Drink ‘n’ Draw)

Google Translate says this fan art translates to “how the hell will you get out of here?” That’s exactly what I was thinking the stinky sweatiness of an unventilated room that was SPX.

Awesome cover for babian.se brochure (I might frame this…)

People in the show: Kim W Andersson, Martina Bergsjö, Michel Ducourneau, Elin Fahlstedt, Olof Falk, Maria Fröhlich, Stef Gaines, Yvette Gustafsson, Fabian Göransson, Karl Johnsson, Kolbeinn Karlsson, Lars Krantz, Isabel Leal Bergstrand, Lisa Medin, Lina Neidestam, Viktor Näär, Egil Röckner, Josefin Svenske, Aurora Walderhaug

Favorite piece at the show by Kolbeinn Karlsson. Owls and ears!

Found at Rasmus’ house in Malmö; Rene said I could keep it. Statement = true.

Seriously impressed at the saturation of good design. Even thrift stores have amazing typography (check out that kerning!).

Older train to Östersund

The most purchased matches in Sweden: Solstickan (child playing with fire?). On a side note, the safety match was invented by a Swede

My favorite Swedish souvenir: a bottle glass viking, complete with warts, picked up in a thrift store in Östersund for about $4. I’ve named him Ingulbjörn (I sure hope that’s a boy viking name…).

More awesome design on the tiniest, easily overlooked item: Tunnelbana tickets>