Hol(d)ing Up

Or COVID-19 Wordplay

So, how are you hol(d)ing up?*

  1. Everyone should be holing up as much as possible to prevent transmission. Period.
    • holed up (intransitive verb) | to place in or as if in a refuge or hiding place (Merriam-Webster)
      “we’ll hole up at the cabin and wait out the boomer sickness”
  2. Per individual ability and capacity, everyone should be checking in with friends, family, acquaintances and maybe even random people to see how they’re holding up.
    • hold up (transitive verb) | to continue in the same condition without failing or losing effectiveness or force
      “I really hope I can hold up against the pressure to socialize place upon me by my boomer parents”

* I’ve seemingly coined this usage with the only previous reference being editorial additions in brackets (Charlotte Brontë and a random message board from 2010), not parentheses—internet and language achievements unlocked!