Empty isn’t Empty

This is super simple, but when I tell people about it, they’re like, “Really? I never even thought of doing that!”

When your squeeze bottle of lotion, hair product, whatever is “empty” (eg. you can’t shake or squish any more out of it, no matter how hard you try), cut it open. Seriously. There’s a lot left inside. I just can’t see the point of waste; there’s often upwards of a weeks’ use left in any given plastic bottle or tube.

Cleanliness is Cleanliness

You don’t want to add extra bacteria to your product so make sure the scissors or knife you use to cut the bottle open are clean, along with any implement (eg. spatula) you use to remove the product, and storage container (for most containers, I find a piece of plastic wrap is fine).

One day, maybe I’ll attempt to take better pictures… They’re so completely awful (maybe I’m trying to maintain my assertion that I’m a terrible photographer).