Vinegar of Death

If you have an indoor compost bin (either a collector or a worm bin), you most likely have to deal with fruit flies on occasion.

Deal With It

You can find all sorts of ways to deal with fruit flies online, even “humane” fruit fly trapping (although I’m not sure that fruit flies, or any insect, feel pain as we know it – take a look at this nifty article on fruit fly neurons). I, however, have created what I’m sure is the best way to kill a fruit fly (or swarms of), and give them a taste of sweet, sweet fruit fly heaven before they die: the Vinegar of Death. (insert evil laugh here)

The How To

Stupidly simple:

1 tbsp apple cider vinegar (mine is super old and full of mother)
1 shot glass (or any other, small glass)
Plastic wrap (enough to cover glass)
Sharp implement (eg. toothpick, skewer, etc.)

Vinegar in glass, plastic wrap on top, pierce with sharp implement to make a small hole, and set on counter (I find that near the kitchen sink is the best.

That’s it. The fruit flies are attracted by the sweet smell coming off the vinegar, get trapped in the glass (because they don’t have problem solving skillz – yes, that’s a zed), and get pickled in that which they love. Mmmm… pickled fruit fly.


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