Condom Variety Pack


Why the hell aren’t there variety packs of condoms readily available? I mean, it doesn’t much make sense for men, per se, but for the independent and liberated woman, why not? (This is all based on women who partner with men, just to be clear) Men choose a box based on preference, for use by themselves; women choose a box (basically) at random hoping it’ll accommodate every single partner they have… How does that make sense? Are all men the same? No, no, no.

There are variety packs available online, but I’ve rarely see them at the drugstore. The ones I find seem to be a random sampling of textures; why not have a few small and a few large and a bunch of average? Why not be able to provide a good fit? Safety and comfort first!

I think there’s a huge demographic that hasn’t been tapped: there are a tonne of fun women who want to be safe and have the best experience possible. C’mon condom marketers, you can do it!