Vancouver Design Week (Part 1)

#DW2010 is the Twitter hashtag for the Icograda Design Weeks 2010; I attended the first one in Vacouver from April 25 – 29. I’m using it in my title because using “Icograda Design Week 2010 Design Currency Vancouver” is a bit long.
The conference’s theme was Design Currency , but I’m not going to get into that (the website offers vast amounts of information and Davin Greenwell goes into it really eloquently on his site), instead I’m going to post my doodles and notes, and any pertinent links.

Dinner with a Side of Design

This is a really great concept. Here’s the text from the programme:

Dinner with a Side of Design is a lively and participatory dinner experience. Participants explore design thinking essentials by combining creativity, teamwork and curiosity. Over the course of the evening, teams engage in a creative process based around the “building up” of ideas with a focus on an improved future.

There was a series of three dinners throughout the week. I attended the first one; the theme was community. Everyone who attended was randomly placed in a group of four via seating assignment. I was very happy to find myself placed with Lionel Gadoury (Context Creative director and RGD Ontario President), Don Ryun Chang (Icograda Past President), and Brenda Sanderson (Icograda Managing Director).
We got to draw on the table!