The Canada Goose: National Asshole

Canadian national animals are prolific and memorable: the industrious beaver, endlessly repairing his dam; the majestic moose, grazing swamp weed through the ice; the solitary grizzly, alone in the wilderness; the common loon with his eerie call echoing across northern lakes…

The Canada Goose, among the most recognized birds in the world, doesn’t deserve a pleasant adjective: when a goose wants something, he goes for it. A child offers scrumptious bread crumbs to a duck by a pond, the goose is in there in a flash, biting, honking and slapping his way to his goal. The unhappy duck limps away after a swift bite to the leg; and the child, once intrigued by nature, screams in terror as the Canada Goose stabs with his beak and forces the child to drop the crumbs.

Canada Goose: I dub thee “National A**hole”

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  1. Fatima says:

    This should be a t-shirt! 

    • Anonymous says:

      I WAS going to submit it to Threadless, but their copyright terms are totally nuts. 

      “You may use or continue to use the Design for any other purposes, except those described below. If your Design is selected, you may not use the Design (or derivatives of the Design) or allow others to use the Design (or derivatives of the Design) on any Items, as described above…”

      Wait, what?

  2. Klynnrutherford says:

    Is this your original comment based on our park experience?

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