The Canada Goose: National Asshole

Canadian national animals are prolific and memorable: the industrious beaver, endlessly repairing his dam; the majestic moose, grazing swamp weed through the ice; the solitary grizzly, alone in the wilderness; the common loon with his eerie call echoing across northern lakes…

The Canada Goose, among the most recognized birds in the world, doesn’t deserve a pleasant adjective: when a goose wants something, he goes for it. A child offers scrumptious bread crumbs to a duck by a pond, the goose is in there in a flash, biting, honking and slapping his way to his goal. The unhappy duck limps away after a swift bite to the leg; and the child, once intrigued by nature, screams in terror as the Canada Goose stabs with his beak and forces the child to drop the crumbs.

Canada Goose: I dub thee “National A**hole”