Settling In

Everything is still going really well. There are new hurdles that pop up as we go along, but nothing that I don’t think can be overcome.

The Evil Vacuum

Today I decided that I had to clean all the cat blankets and the sheet that covers the couch (my mom is visiting next week and the cat hair had to be dealt with in general). Remy really didn’t like the fact that I took his new favorite comfort zone away (the whole couch) and brought out the big, bad, noisy vacuum. The first few times I vacuumed he really didn’t seem to mind it, but this time was too much. He followed Kiki right under the bed (oops! I forgot to close the bedroom door) and showed off how wily he could be at avoiding extraction. I’m sure, like Kiki, he’ll avoid the vacuum like the plague from now on.

A Squinty Eye

Remy’s always had very gunky eyes. Every once in a while, his left eye will become irritated, and today it’s looking a little red and he rubbed it quite a bit this morning. I used Vet Help Direct to see if I could find an answer, but of course, it tells me to take him to the vet right away. As responsible as I am, I’m not very keen to do. It seems to be a minor, recurring problem and he’s not acting differently; he hasn’t left the apartment since the last vet visit and Kiki is unaffected. I’ve got some kitty eye ointment, so I’m going to use that on him for a few days and see if it helps (he’s really not happy about the towel treatment I use to do this). I’m hoping it clears up as I no longer have a regular job to support emergency vet visits.

Wish us luck!