Blog Look Update


Sigh… The only two people that commented on the design hated it (thanks for the constructive criticism, guys). I liked it, but I also thought is was time for an update. I should have included a screen cap for reference…

Yes, it’s an overused font these days, but that would be because it’s a beautiful and well designed font with tons of ligatures; I fell in love with it the first time I saw it. When I found it hiding away in Template Designer, I grabbed it and made it big and orange. Read all about it and get it here (donate, too!): (awesome plush lobster costume included).

The Probs with the Blogs

I continue to have issues with adjusting the padding(?) around the title and description: I want the description about 8px closer to the title, and the title about 20px farther away from the top of the page. I’ll get Allan to help me locate the what to change the what (maybe I’ll even learn a little more about code(?). (LOL I don’t even know what I’m talking about: Allan’s eyes are rolling).

I also want all the images left aligned, but every time I attempt it the text zooms up to wrap to the right of the image. Poop. And I usually have to add open and close paragraph to images an video…

Another thing: why, when I switch from from the html editor to compose and back again, does Blogger remove my html markup? Why, why, why? It’s a real bitch.

Rant, Anybody?

Okay, so this post has turned into a bit of a rant. Well, I haven’t had one in a while, and after having a close friend die, breaking my wrist/arm, and having violent food poisoning within five weeks, I think I deserve it. Phew.