Patrick Nagel

I’ve always loved Patrick Nagel’s style. I’m sure I saw a framed print as a small child, or a similar piece by another artist. As an adult, I’ve rediscovered him (via Duran Duran’s Rio), and become obsessed with possessing a print; the only problem is, the prints available on his site aren’t the ones I want.

The Women

Browsing the gallery invokes envy of the skill, style, and content. The colors are solid; the lines hard; and the women confident, powerful and sexy (gasp!), appearing to challenging the viewer (I’m sure the power suit helps this along). I would love to project this aesthetic.

The Locale

1980s LA: hot days, long nights; private parties with cocktails and cocaine; money and fast cars; swimming pools overlooking the Valley.

The Men

The boys aren’t all that bad either, but I can’t help being reminded of Christian Bale in American Psycho and feel a little unbalanced.

Favorites (a lot of them)