Molotov Cocktail

Jon Jordan Molotov Graffiti


Now, I know this is going to look horrible if someone who’s thinking of hiring me for
a job sees my mind at work in this way, but, hey, I’m looking at it as creative thinking;
I am NOT endorsing this kind of behaviour in any way. Molotov cocktails are EXTREMELY dangerous.

Extra Evil

I’m not talking your regular old accelerant with flaming flannel shirt, but a nastier,
more vindictive version. Imagine, if you will, a small, leak proof, sealable plastic bag. Now, fill that plastic bag with urine (yes, gross). I’m not going to give full instructions; I’m pretty sure anyone with half an imagination can figure out what to do next.

Anyway, the hoped result is that when the bottle breaks, the plastic bag stays intact until the flames melt through it, and, voila, evaporating urine. (I think the best choice of urine would be the first in the morning: more concentrated chemicals and compounds for a stronger odor).

This is only something you’d do if you had an arch-nemesis; there’s very little call
for this in every day life.

Photo: Jon Jordan