Map: Great Canadian Beer Fest 2012

Another year, another Great Canadian Beer Fest… another Rather Good map!

This year, in addition to IPAs, casks and beers of interest, I’ve included saisons as they seem to be popular among both my friends and brewers.

Like last year, I’ve left off many breweries that are readily available in Victoria. I’d include them all, but I don’t have the budget to print a larger format map.

If you don’t want to track me down at beer fest, download a two up copy to print yourself.

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  1. […] Anyways. Some kick-ass girl named Amy threw together this incredibly helpful GCBF map for all the beer geeks out there. BAM, LINK! […]

  2. unclespeedo says:

    this is fantastic, thank you!

  3. […] • URL of this post infographic with ipas, saisons, cask beers & other beers of interest at the gcbf Map: Great Canadian Beer Fest 2012 | The Authorized Amy […]

  4. Calvin says:

    Thanks!  How did you get the booth locations?  I think maybe I referred to your map last year as well.

  5. theauthorizedamy says:

    The booth numbers are all here:

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