Vancouver Design Week (Part 6)

The final post! Only a whole year later. (And it’s not even that interesting. More for my memory than anything)

I’ve been feeling somewhat depressed and apathetic recently, so I’m not going to go into the speakers too much. And now my computer’s being a dork…


Value for Brand with Ali Gardener and Ben Hulse. This bored my pants off and annoyed the hell out of me; I really should have gone for a coffee. Olympics (I’m anti-olympics unless someone comes up with a way to do it) and going over time by 45 minutes. If it had been kept on topic without all the “rah rah rah” crap it would have been more interesting and informative. (interesting article on the monetary value of the Olympic Brand)

Panel Discussion Global Design Procurement with Blair Enns, John Gleason, Debbie Millman, and Ali Gardner. I think that maybe someone was switched out here, but I can’t remember who… hey, it WAS a year ago.

Design and Indigenous Culture with David Lancashire and Debra Sparrow.

Tony Golsby-Smith was a serious lecturer. I really enjoyed the breadth of his talk.

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