As Seen in Sweden

I was in Sweden for three weeks in May visiting an old friend who’s been living there for 12 years. We traveled together, visiting three Swedish cities (Stockholm, Malmö, and Östersund), and taking a day trip around Öresund into Denmark, and to Helsignør (where Shakespeare set Hamlet).

One thing I noticed in Sweden was the prevalence of good design with amazing typography; the only *decent* pictures I took were those of design.

A great example of problem solving design; no more clinking/spilling bottles!

I want this Tunnelbana clock in my house… please?

Yet another example of my shitty photography skills… The sign above the bar (saying “bar”) was simple, but perfect: neon helvetica mounted on cut and folded sheet steel.

Dog grooming – no stupid cartoons here.

Stockholm Waterfront Building.

Awesome signage in Malmö.

Grayling. Just found out it’s a communications agency.

GORGEOUSLY designed cabinet: the doors are the handles (spotted at in Malmö)

As found in a second hand shop (family game).

Paint shop.

For more Swedish design, check out the scans in my Swedish Surprises post.