I’m not one for “self-help” books, but Spousonomics looks like it could be useful (to me) and an entertaining read. The only thing that really turns me off about it (other than the whole “self-help” deal) is that the glowing endorsement on the cover is from the author of that book that was made into a movie with big mouth.

I’m probably (almost definitely) a tough person to live with. Growing up with a super tidy, somewhat OCD mother has resulted in me being much the same… especially in the kitchen. I can deal with a bathroom that’s gone a little while (I know, I know… that’s not very OCD), shelves that need dusting for months, or a floor that’s been what I call “spot-treated”. But leave the tiniest pile of crumbs or smear of jam and righteous anger wells up from the deepest, darkest corners of my being and I’m ready to get passive aggressive.

In addition to the OCD, I have an overdeveloped sense of fairness. Therefore, we should both be doing the same amount of work to the same standards all the time. Obviously, things don’t always work out this way.

Here’s where Spousonomics could step in (do note that I haven’t actually read this). Applying economics to relationships (it says “marriage”, but let’s be realistic) is a really good way to satisfy my OCD and, perhaps, learn something useful along the way. And hey, it appears to be cleverly written: I like that (table of contents I screen capped from Amazon below).

Excerpt on Amazon.