Ooga Booga God

I’ve been watching Defiance: I just finished episode 7. So far, I’m really enjoying it.

Quick synopsis of the episode:

  • there was a “razor rain” storm: debris from a belt of destroyed space ships (“arks”) floating around earth, falling through the atmosphere (the rain is heading towards the town)
  • a secondary character got killed
  • at his funeral he comes back to life (“God did it! I have a mission!”)
  • he eventually gets shot a lot and goes into a coma

Here’s the exchange that tickled me:

Teenager: Is he going to wake up?
Doctor: No, he’s in a coma, and he’s not coming out of it.
Teenager: Then what am I doing here?!
Father figure: Doc figured out what was driving Sukar… You need to understand.
Doctor: It wasn’t [your] god. It was a bunch of microscopic robots: the earth term would be nanites. The razor rain fragment that impaled Sukar was a piece of ark brain.
(blah blah blah)
Doctor: So the brain sent out the nanites to repair the tissue damage and construct the device to save the town.
Teenager: Tiny robots… If they repair tissue damage maybe they’ll fix whatever’s wrong with him.
Doctor: They went dormant once the town was saved. I need to prepare you: Sukar’s brain is shut down, his spine is severed. You need to accept that he’s gone.
Teenager: If you’re so smart, can you explain my visions? How I saw Sukar die in the rain.
Doctor: Well, it wasn’t because of some ooga booga god.

Ha ha ha! Yay science! (Stupid teenager!)

I just hope it doesn’t degrade into the “god did this” and “god wants that” thing that Battlestar Gallactica did. (Note that the IMDB cover images are just the same.)