Map: Great Canadian Beer Fest 2011

Download the 2011 installation of the RatherGood Beer Fest Map (not at all endorsed by the GCBF).

As per usual, it focuses on the beers I like (mostly IPAs) and special offerings. I’ve expanded the list of available beers by using abbreviations (legend included). And, of course, I’ve left out the brewers that I’m not too interested in: readily available brands that aren’t offering cask or specialty beers, and the crappy beer contingent (hey, we all have our opinions and tastes).

Every year, I create this map for myself and my friends; I design it on my own time, and pay for the printing out of my own pocket. I also consider it a promotional product. It’s designed to fit two up on letter sized paper so that people can print it off at home (print it double sided to save on paper). Keep in mind that inkjet prints will run if they get wet, so don’t spill any beer on it.

If you like the map, donate to my beer fund (it would make me really happy).