Go Away. Seriously.

I’m happy to give a few bucks here and there to a few organizations: the Canadian Liver Foundation (I like to drink); school breakfasts and lunches (investing in future minds – lofty!), and the Canadian Deaf Sports Association (it just makes me sad to think of a deaf kid with a ball flying at their head, everyone yelling, and them not knowing that it’s coming until it hits).

But I’m tired of receiving solicitous letter mail from charities. I made the mistake of donating once or twice to one or two random charities, and now they ALL have my address. So I’m doing something about it (I’m not sure if it helps, but it sure does make me feel good): sending their mail back to them, in their own return stamped envelopes, and without a return address. I also include a little note asking them to cease and desist.

Returned Mail

Who’s getting letters back this week?

  • VGH & UBC Hospital Foundation
  • Our Place Society x2 (I avoid places that are based on religious mandate)
  • Heart and Stroke Foundation of BC (because I don’t need a fall-themed notepad, return address labels with flowers, or pumpkin stickers)
  • Canadian Red Cross (more stickers and address labels – I don’t fall prey to reciprocal marketing tactics that easily), and finally,
  • The Mouth and Foot Painting Artists (and their awful xmas cards – how many times do I have to say that I don’t celebrate the xmas? It doesn’t even merit a capital at the beginning of the word)

To the Mouth and Foot Painting Artists:

Thanks for the free envelopes. I had to recycle the cards as I don’t celebrate the xmas. Also, I don’t need the calendar, you can have it back. Oh, and please STOP sending me this JUNK. Remove me from your mailing list. Thanks! Amy