Band of the Hand


Band of the Hand (1986) attacks racial and social stereotypes while maintaining a compelling plot and dynamic characters…

Well, actually, not really; it is an entertaining experience though. Exaggerated explosions distract you from gaping plot holes; the obviously not teen-aged teenagers awe you with rippling muscles and the ability to grow body hair; and an appearance by Laurence Fishburne as a drug lord adds an air of quality to the whole thing.

Some highlights:

  • survival knives supplied to juvenile delinquents
  • Joe “The Indian”‘s hair (well gelled; never mussed)
  • delinquents “using” a compass and a map
  • automatic weapons supplied to juvenile delinquents
  • awesome 1986 fashion, including, but not limited to, the self painted t-shirt

However, the soundtrack was really good. So watch it for that, or the delinquents with weapons, or whatever…