Avoiding Shower Cleaning

Or Being Really Lazy and Saving Money

The bottle lies: it’s actually hydrogen peroxide (1 part), vinegar (2 parts), and water (fill ‘er up). This works just like those shower sprays that cost you anywhere from $3 to $7 (sure it doesn’t have the fancy “surfacants” – or chemicals – in it, but I’m thinking a tablespoon of salt would do the trick if you really wanted to add it). Combined with regular squeegeeing of the tiles keeps soap scum down and lengthens the time between real scrubbings.

I also find that the shower curtain closest to the shower (and soap rinsing area) gets weird. By weird I mean stiff (from soap) and smelly (from being stuck to the side of the tub and, therefore, prone to mildew). Washing your shower curtain regularly can take care of this, but I opt to spraying it with my fancy (read cheap) shower concoction and hanging away from the tub. “How the hell do you do that?” you ask. To which I reply, “elastic plus bulldog clip!”

Yup, I’m a bit odd. And now you know more about me.